June 26th, 2005

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  • driz

NEXT EVENT: Acronym Game - Sunday, July 3rd, 21:00GMT (Noon Pacific) #irctoo

Join us on irc.irctoo.net in #irctoo for some good old-fashioned Sunday Acronym Action. The fun begins Sunday, July 3rd, at 21:00GMT (Noon Pacific). Many find this game highly amusing, while others despise it. You decide.


To begin the acronym game, type "!START" in #irctoo:

<driz> !START
<QuoteServ> ===== ACRO Game started by driz! =====
<QuoteServ> Round 1/10: The ACRO is: "DIVH".
<QuoteServ> You have 60 seconds! /msg QuoteServ ACRO

Submit your acronym:

/msg QuoteServ ACRO driz is very hot
-QuoteServ- driz You are player #1 for this round.

Wait for others to submit their acronyms...

<QuoteServ> Time's up! Here are the acros:
<QuoteServ> 1. driz is very hot
<QuoteServ> 2. driz is very hateful
<QuoteServ> Let the voting begin! You have 60 seconds! /msg QuoteServ VOTE

Vote for your favorite acronym:

/msg QuoteServ ACRO 2
-QuoteServ- driz Your vote has been counted.

That's it! There are no rules except to have fun. All forms of language are acceptable, so this game is typically good for immature adults or mature kids! :)
  • kobi_s

IRCtoo's on-line help session for NickServ

Hi all,
We're going to do an on-line help session for NickServ, it will include all
NickServ's commands. After the help session is over you will have time to
ask questions about services and IRCtoo in general.
The session will be in #services on 26/6/2005 20:00 GMT (Noon PST and
15:00PM EST), so bring the popcorn, and invite your friends!
Thank you for using IRCtoo and have a nice day!