David (driz) wrote in irctoo,

IRCtoo to hold first annual channel lottery contest with cash prizes!

Hello everybody!

Happy new year! I hope you all had a great holiday season and did not gain as much weight as I have so far this winter. I am writing to you to announce an exciting new contest to help IRCtoo grow as a community and also to give back to those who have helped keep us going for so long. Here is the press release:

IRCtoo to hold first annual channel contest with cash prizes! Small
donations are encouraged, but you do not need to donate to participate! All donations go toward prizes. We are currently fundraising for this contest, and we will begin shortly after meeting our initial monetary goal of $500. Once the contest begins, we will accumulate stats about your channel for one month and the winners will be based on their average statistics during that time.

Donations will continue to be accepted throughout the contest, so the pot may increase well past $500! This is just like a lottery but with much higher odds because there are less people involved and you have control over whether or not you win.

The owner of the channel with the largest steady userbase with the most chatting activity will receive at least $250 sent to them via paypal. Prizes of at least $100, $75, $50, and $25 will be awarded respectively to 2nd through 5th place. Any money leftover in the pot will be split evenly five ways and added to the totals for each winner.

Our goal is to reach $500 by March 1st. If we do not reach this goal, the IRCtoo staff has generously volunteered to donate their own personal money to cover the difference.

Please keep in mind that prizes will not be given to channels with clones, flood bots, or fillers.


If you have a few dollars to spare, please visit
http://www.irctoo.net/contest and donate. If not, don't fret! Hang in there and wait 'till the contest begins, or start getting your friends here now to increase your chances at cash prizes.

I'll be in touch with status updates as they are made available.


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